I originally wrote this blog post last year (2012), and I am truly grateful for everyone who came to the silent auction and supported the fight against cancer last May. This  year’s event (March 1st, 2013) is being promoted almost entirely by social media, and is an opportunity to show the power of social media and fight cancer at the same time. I know the Lawrence social media community is strong, and I hope you will attend. I have updated this post to reflect this year’s details. Here is the story behind the event…

Two years ago, I got married at Liberty Hall. The man who presided over our wedding was Phil Pell. Phil was a good friend of my wife, Amanda (Woodward) Davis, whom she had known for close to decade. He was a good speaker, handled pressure well and had a great sense of humor. We were extremely thankful that he agreed to be part of our wedding.

I used the past tense when referring to Phil because he died seven months after our wedding on January 6th, 2011. He fought cancer for four years, and in the end, there was nothing more that Phil, his family, his friends or the medical community could do to keep him living.

Phil died at the age of 39 leaving behind his wonderful wife, Marcie and a six-year old son Nathan.

Stories like this aren’t unique, but at the time, they feel like it. You likely have experienced something similar in your immediate or  extended family.

In order to remember Phil, Amanda has continued her involvement with Douglas County Relay for Life and has a team called Phil’s Phighters.

This is the third year that she has organized a silent auction to raise money to remember Phil and help contribue to the fight against cancer.

Local and regional businesses have been very generous in donating items, but the key to the success is you.

It is tough to take time out our lives to attend an event. I know; I am bad about it. But I hope you will consider attending. This year we have a really fun event planned. A great local band Landrush will be playing, and Macelis has graciously let us use their venue on a Friday night.

The event will be held March 1st, 2o13, from 7PM to 10PM at the Maceli’s.  There is no cost to attend. Free Desserts will be available, and there will be a cash bar.

I know weekend time is precious, but I am hoping you can take an hour out of your day, and join me in browsing what businesses have donated. It would be appreciated.

I will be attending the event and would love to meet you and visit.

You can RSVP now via Facebook or Eventbrite.


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