Update 9/10/14 and 6/30/17: I still am going to Jamie after five years and still highly recommend her. See my experience below.

I rarely do endorsements for products or services, because I feel like you really need to experience the service over a long period of time to make a judgement.  In this case, I know this is a great service with real results.

I was visiting with my personal trainer today, Jamie Rinke, and she mentioned that she had a some openings available on her schedule.  Because she is so good at what she does and offers her services at a very reasonable price, I just assumed she didn’t have space for new clients.

Knowing that there was spaces available, I just wanted to mention that if you are looking for a personal trainer or even are just looking to start exercising, but haven’t been able to make it stick, she is a great choice.

I know in this day and age, it is extremely difficult to find extra money and even if you do have it, being able to budget funds for working out is very difficult.  Jamie’s prices are some of the most reasonable I have found. She charges $40 an hour which is less than the rates you will find at most of the next closests options. In addition to that, she offers the first 10 sessions for $250 total.

I have been going twice weekly for the last 10 months.  While I am far from the picture of health, I have seen great results: fat loss, increased strength and a general increase in well being. Best of all, I have incorpoted strength training and exercise into my weekly routine at a more than a fair price, where-as I never was able to achieve that with three different gym memberships over that last six years.

So if you want to incorporate exercise into your routine, I highly recommend contacting Jamie.  She is very personable and works with people of all different skill levels.  Her studio is located on the West side of town near the east side of Alvamar Golf Course a few blocks north of 23rd.

You can reach her by phone or text at 785-766-4307 or by email at rinkepersonaltraining@gmail.com

Jamie offers a small referal bonus for existing clients who refer new clients, but I am asking her to waive it in my case. She does such a great job, I actually view it as a reward enough if you or someone you know gets to benefit by working with her.


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