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Update 9:53PM:  Knology of Kansas GM Rod Kutemeier was nice enough to call me.  He indicated there were no changes to data service offerings or pricing, so no non-profits should be affected.

Knology offers over 300 non-profits discouted services.  Free service primarily goes to police stations, firehouses and schools.  I gave Rod the name of the non-profit in question, but based on lists he had while not in the office, we were unable to determine exact nature of this non-profit’s internet.

If a wifi hot spot was removed, Rod indicated it would only be for service reasons and replaced.

My non-profit source indicated the non-profit would need to replace internet service because Knology was pulling free service.  I still believe that to be the case, but Rod was clear that the non-profit can contact him directly to resolve, as this shouldn’t be an issue.

Rod also stated same sentiment that is in his tweet:

Our name changed but the 160 employees who live and work here have not. I was GM before and after. Call me: (785)312-6998

I will be forwarding Rod’s information to the non-profit in question, in hopes that any misunderstanding in discontinuation of service can be resolved.

Thanks to Rod for talking to me on the phone.

I changed title to reflect new information.

Update 8:38PM: This non-profit in question may be in a special circumstance. @calldrdave points out that none of the 10+ non-profits he works with have free service.

Thus there wouldn’t be any free service to take away from them.

The circumstance I cite below may be based on wifi-hotspot being removed by Knology. The non-profit may of got free internet access in return for hosting the technology that powered it.

Title updated to reflect that this may only be one non-profit.

It is tough to ever like a cable company, but Sunflower Broadband did a number of things right and had a long history of community support and involvement.   Knology isn’t living up to that standard.  Extensive job cuts resulted in an increasing small local customer service team, and now Knology is taking it one step further.

A  non-profit indicated today that free internet access, long provided by Sunflower Broadband,  will no longer be available.

The non-profit has ten days to find an alternative internet service or start paying Knology.

How many non-profits are being affected is unknown.

Calls to Knology’s local and Georgia office resulted in my number being taken and a promise of a return call in 24 to 48 hours.


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