The Lawrence Journal World has a list of a number of businesses and organizations closing for the day or closing early.  You can find it here as well as for tomorrow.

Feel free to add any you hear about  in the comments section of this page (or send them on Twitter @lawrencekslive) , and I will add them to this list.

Last updated at 6:00 PM CST.  Unlikely to be any more updates tonight.  Call any location before going to confirm they are open.

Are Open:


Jimmy John’s on Mass (841-0011): “Still doing delivery, no plans to close early”. via phone

Jimmy John’s at 601 Kasold for the West side (331-2222): “Yep, still doing delivery.  Just taking a little longer than usual.” via phone

No longer taking orders. Domino’s (841-8002) “We are still doing delivery.  Currently running about one and a half hours from order until delivery.” Note this was at 4PM. via phone Thanks to @afill7 for update.

Delivery Roundup: Papa Johns is doing carry out orders only.  Yellow Sub, Mr. Goodcents & Pizza Shuttle didn’t answer, so I would assume are closed for the day.  Wheat State, Pyramid and  Pizza Hut (the one on 23rd) are closed.

Note that it likely isn’t safe to be out in this weather, but if you are bound to go out anyway . . .

Food and Beer:

Free State Brewery: “We will be open for dinner.” via phone

23rd St. Brewery: “We are open!” via @23rdStBrewery

Dempsey’s “Open until 10PM” via @mcompton

Buffalo Wild Wings may be open. via @JoeDavisMedia


Encore: “Encore is open downtown. ” via @SWPupdates


Harbour Lights: “Harbour Lights will be open for KU v. TXTech.”  via @momjohnberg


Bourgeois Pig: “Are open like normal.” via phone

Henry’s Coffee Shop: “Open normal hours.” via phone

La Prima Tazza: “Will be open until at least 6:30 or 7:00, staffing will determine if later.” via phone

Starbucks on Mass: “Not sure how late will stay, may close at 7PM, but will be open until 6PM.” via phone

Are Closed or Closing:

Restaurants/Bars/Food Service:

Zen Zero, La Parilla & Genovese:
All closed at 4PM
via @ZenZeroKS

“For the safety of our employees our Lawrence restaurants will close at 7:00pm today and will re-open at 7:00am Wednesday” via @McDLawrence

Wheat State Pizza:
“Close for the day.” via phone

Cielito Lindo:
“We closed early for the weather, hwy 70 is closed, stay home or look for shelter.” via @cielitolindoks

Scooter’s Coffee House:
“Due to this crazy blizzard, we have closed early. Thank you for being understanding and be careful everyone!” via @ScootersJayhawk

“We’re shutting it down @715restaurant for today…hope to dig out in the morning and see you then!” via @715Restaurant

Barrell House:
“We are closed tonight! Everyone stay safe!” via @barrelhousepb

“Pachamama’s will be CLOSED for dinner service tonight. See you tomorrow (hopefully) . . “  via @pachamamas

Anglers Seafood:
Closing early via @LJWMarketplace


CVS (23rd/Iowa):
“Closing at 6PM” via DM confirmation.

Massage Envy:
“We’re closing the clinic this afternoon due to weather but plan to return in the morning. Be safe, #Lawrence.” via @MassageEnvyLawr

Goldmakers Jewelry:
“Closing up shop today at 1:30pm. We were just informed that no one is out shopping today – weird. #snOMG” via @goldmakersjwlry

The Toy Store:
“we closed up @ToyStoreTweets at pm!” via @_lilraerae

Best Buy:
Close for today via @danieljdeckert


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