Lawrence resident Bill Scoular found out Thursday that his Dad, Neal Scoular, won two free tickets to the Superbowl. Neil wanted to take his son Bill, but unfortunately the contest only awarded the tickets and not any type of transportation or lodging stipend.

The chance to go to the Superbowl is a rare opportunity, so despite the lack of funds for this spur of the moment trip,  Bill and his wife Sarah have been raising money from their social media community.

While they are certainly willing to take complete donations, there is also a nice value proposition for those who donate.  Earlier this week I linked to a really neat idea that Bill and Sarah had come up with.  Chrome looking text emblems that you can attach to your car. The idea is the you can put your Twitter username on them, example @yourusername, and then attach it to your car.  They have also said they are willing to put other text on them if you have another use.  You can purchase the emblems directly from their Etsy site for $15 plus shipping or you can take advantage of this fundraiser and get one of these cool emblems for a donation of $10 or more.

Donations are being taken via Pay Pal.  You can send your donation to If you want an emblem, be sure to enter your Twitter username in the optional comments section of Pay Pal.

For those like me who are interested in more of the story, Bill was nice enough to answer a few questions I had.

Is your fund-raising strictly on Twitter or have you been reaching out to Facebook connections as well as friends and family?

This has been mainly a Twitter and Facebook fund-raiser spearheaded by my beautiful and driven wife.

Have you been surprised by the positive response from the Twitter community?

When my wife Sarah started this whole #sendskoolatotheSuperBowl campaign I actually thought it was a little far fetched to expect people, most of whom I’ve never met, to be interested let alone help. To say I am surprised would be an understatement.

Do you have a favorite NFL team?  And who is your dream matchup of the teams left to make the Superbowl?

My favorite team is the Denver Broncos (don’t laugh). My dad’s team is the New Orleans Saints. Obviously we have no horse in the Super Bowl race but I’m pulling for Green Bay in the NFC and Pittsburgh or New England in the AFC.

Any background on how long you have been a football fan?

The reason I am football fan and a Bronco fan is because of the greatest quarterback of all time (in my humble, unbiased opinion) John Elway. I would guess I first watched him play around 1986 or so when I was 7 years old.

How much do you need to raise and how close are you?

It would be great to have enough to cover all expenses but honestly any amount we raise is great. Right now we are at $423 which covers the airfare which is just amazing.

If you don’t raise enough funds (lets hope that isn’t the case), is there an alternative plan for the funds raised?

I am on a one track mind to Dallas so my only alternative would be credit cards which is not a real viable option for me right now. Hopefully I will be able to get some of my art produced and up for sale on ebay before the trip so I won’t have to resort to credit cards.

I saw on Twitter that your Dad enters contests frequently.  Has he ever won a prize this big?

I don’t know the exact stats but I would guess he enters approximately 50-100 contests everyday. He is a junkie for them but he gets results. This would be the second biggest prize he has won. A few years back he won an all inclusive trip for 4 to Disney World. We had a suite at the Animal Kingdom resort and VIP passes to all of the rides including getting access to the Animal Kingdom rides 1 hour before it opened to the public.

If someone wants to donate, what is the best way to do it?

The easiest way is to send donations via Paypal to


There you have it.  If you want to donate you can Pay Pal your donations to And if you want to learn more about Bill and Sarah, follow them on Twitter at @skoola & @sarahkscoular.

The Lawrence community has shown that Twitter is not just for soft networking.  Real friendships are made, and friendship means responding when people have a special opportunity that is just out of reach.

Good luck to Bill, and I hope to see some cool Superbowl pictures.

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